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It's Never Too Late...

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Cleo came to PAC 2 years ago, completely paralysed with suspected tick fever. Her outlook wasn't great, however, the PAC team set out to give Cleo another chance. With a lot of work, particularly from volunteer Ildy, who shared an incredibly heart-warming bond with Cleo, she was finally able to walk again. She has been at PAC since April 2011, and due to her age (6 & 1/2 years) and her size (huge!) Cleo has always been difficult to rehome. Then, just over a month ago, a long term resident of Koh PhaNgan brought her cat in to be sterilsed. On sight of Cleo, she thought she was one of the most beautiful dogs she had ever seen (it just goes to show that there is a dog for everyone!) Enquiries and preparations were made and just a couple of week later, Cleo moved into her new home, with her new family and I have to say, it couldn't have gone any better! Thank you to all of thiose involved with Cleo, she truly is happy and safe now (if a little spoilt!)

Mission of mercy: Area vet travels far and wide to help animals in need

Please click the following link to read an article written by US newspaper, The Anniston Star, about a recent veterinary volunteer Dr. Barry Nicholls and his time at PhaNgan Animal Care


Thank you to AAF

A big thank you goes out to   for their continuing financial support.  Animal Asia Foundation have supported PAC from day 1 and donate a massive 155,000 every 6 months to cover the costs of permanent staff salaries.  Without their ongoing support - PAC truly wouldn't be here.  Thank you AAF


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Thailand PAC’s mobile phone number is +66 (0) 89 8757513

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