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What Difference Your Donation Makes

General Clinic Costs

Sterilise a Stray Dog - ฿1600, US$55, €40 or £32

Average number of litters a fertile female dog can produce in one year: 2 
Average number of puppies in a canine litter: 6–10 
In six years, one female dog and her offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 dogs.  However, malnutrition, disease, starvation and poisoning await the majority of these offspring.  For the mother's - they will become very weakened by their state of perpetual pregnancy and lactation, which causes a greatly reduced immunity and therefore allows a much greater susceptibility to disease.

Before PAC began, the dog population of Koh Phangan was kept under control by regular poisoning.  Strychnine would be placed in lumps of meat that are then distributed around the island.  The threat to both animals and humans is extreme, if eaten, the victim will have horrific, agonising spasms for up to 8 hours before they die.  

PAC sterilised over 150 female dogs last year alone.  Your money will help to sterilise one dog and vaccinate her against rabies, covering the costs for medicine, food, shelter and bedding.  With your help we can create a healthy, non-breeding, rabies-free street dog population.

Sterilise a Stray Cat - ฿1200, US$40, €30 or £24

Average number of litters a fertile cat can produce in one year: 3 
Average number of kittens in a feline litter: 4–6 
In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats. 

The story for cats on Koh PhaNgan is the same as the dogs.  Cats too, fell victim to Strychnine poisoning, spasming violently before they inevitably died a horrifying death.  

PAC sterilised over 100 female cats last year.  Your money will help to sterilise one cat and vaccinate her against rabies, covering the costs for medicine, food, shelter and bedding.  With your help we can create a healthy, non-breeding, rabies-free street cat population.

Create a Rabies-Free Community - ฿2500, US$85, €65 or £50

Rabies is still a public health problem in Thailand.  The number of people exposed to animal bites varies
from 300 000 – 400 000 per year with between 200 - 300 of these dying from rabies.   

PAC vaccinates each and every animal that comes into the centre and hosts vaccination camps around the islands temples, beaches and streets each year to maximise coverage.  There have been no human deaths from rabies in Koh PhaNgan since PAC began 11 years ago!

Your money will vaccinate 50 dogs, helping us to keep Koh PhaNgan rabies free!


Maggot Powder - ฿100, US$3.50, €2.50 or £2
Probably one of the most used drugs on our shelves! 99% of wounds in Thailand's tropical climate will become infected if left untreated.  Flies are attracted to these wounds a lay their eggs inside. The resulting maggots burrow deeper and deeper into the tissue, stopping any chance for the wound to heal, eventually killing the animal.

It continually amazes us to see how quickly these animals can be returned to health with a little nursing care. Keeping the wound clean, providing antibiotics and applying the all-essential 'maggot powder' will usually result in full healing within just a few weeks.

See Cases for some (gory!) examples!


Iodine Solution - 1 gallon US$ 30.00 THB 1000
Every wound in this tropical environment becomes infected if left open - no matter the species affected! No product in this clinic is more important than iodine, which is used to disinfect every wound as well as to surgically disinfect animals prior to surgery.

Ivermectin Injection - 100ml bottle US$ 40.00 THB 1400 
Ivermectin is our most vital treatment for skin diseases. Almost all skin diseases seen are due to mite infestation, and are so uncomfortable and irritating that the animal will continue to scratch him/herself until the skin is opened into a wound. These wounds, as any other on the island, usually fester and will often develop into deep, life-threatening infections. Three injections of ivermectin are usually sufficient to rid the animal of these mites. One 100ml bottle can effectively treat up to 50 cases of sarcoptic mange - donations of this drug could potential save hundreds of animals from scratching themselves, quite literally, to death!


Vincristine US$ 27.00 THB 900 
Vincristine is an anti-cancer treatment used to treat a once common island disease - the TVT, or Transmissible Venereal Tumour. This is transmitted between animals most commonly by sexual intercourse, but also through other body fluids such as saliva from licking and biting. Treatment with chemotherapy is very effective, and can restore the animal to health within an average of 6 treatments. PAC recorded a 97.8% decrease in incidence of TVT within the first 5 years of operation.

Suture Material - box of 36 US$ 90.00 THB 3000 
Suture material is very expensive and difficult to obtain, but vital to continue PAC's spay/neuter programme, and for the treatment of the multitude of wounds seen so regularly.

Dog and Cat Food - monthly average US$ 270 THB 9000 

PAC has many hospitalised animals who require good quality food to assist their recovery. Most sick or injured stray animals require hospitalisation for treatment, due to the difficulty and time required to visit them daily for treatment. At present we are buying food at supermarket prices (above) in order to feed our patients. Contributions towards this cost, or better yet, sponsorship from a company to provide the food directly, would greatly decrease our running costs, and greatly assist our patients.

Click here to find out how to make a donation


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