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Mission and cases statement

Our Mission

PhaNgan Animal Care (PAC) is primarily a nursing veterinary clinic, providing nursing and veterinary care for the island’s stray and unwanted animals. We have a dedicated neutering and vaccination programme, which has made an enormous difference to population control on the island, as well as the health of the individual animals.

Our Case

The tourist influx to Koh PhaNgan has resulted in a greater availability of food, and with many animal-loving tourists intermittently feeding and caring for the animals around them, the population has been boosted to unnatural numbers. The stress of fighting for survival in this overpopulated environment results in many injuries to both dogs (which quickly fester in the humid, tropical climate) and humans (which brings a real threat of rabies).
The intensive living conditions allow for rapid transmission of diseases – the most obvious of these are skin infestations, which leave the majority of animals severely itchy and usually bald and bleeding. These wounds will often progress to deeper, life-threatening infections. The rough conditions of the island’s roads have claimed the lives of many animals and have resulted in risky transport of bleeding, shocked animals in pain, by boat, to the adjacent island for emergency amputations.

Until the founding of PAC in September 2001, there was no veterinary care or advice on the island, no vaccination, and no population control measures except for yearly poisoning by dart or bait. Baiting usually targets the well-fed animals as they can keep the weaker strays away, resulting in a great many yearly tragedies with pets. Darting refers to a bamboo pole with a poisoned tip – it is inflicted indiscriminately on any dog who crosses the path of the wielder. Both forms of killing are painful, slow processes.



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PhaNgan Animal Care, PO Box 70, Thong Sala, Koh PhaNgan, Suratthani 84280
Thailand PAC’s mobile phone number is +66 (0) 89 8757513

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